The Brilliance of Observation
While airline services and hotel openings make news all the time, we believe that our readers' stories and opinions provide a powerful connection between the powers that be and those they are elected to serve.

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Gail Grimmett
Indeed, Grimmett's involvement goes far beyond just raising money. She chops vegetables in soup kitchens, sits down for heart-to-heart talks with teenagers at risk; has even slept on the freezing streets to truly understand being homeless.

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Karin Timpone
I am fascinated with every part of the world and enjoy the newness of it all – the delicious food, the fascinating cultures, the amazing sights and experiences – taking it all in with big gulps.

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Most Compelling Women in Travel for 2014
Join us as we continue to celebrate inspiring women by honoring the 2014 Most Compelling Women in the Travel Industry!

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Melchior Ray of HYATT
“My career path was crooked,” smiled Melchior Ray, “which I think was good. I personally think people should have two timelines in their brain: one for the big goals—to live in this or that place, to be known for this or that accomplishment—then let that go, to focus on three- to five-year goals.”

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Clare Chiu
Everyone has their own definition of what the balance entails. For Clare, its yoga and cooking. “I try to be very focused and present when I'm doing them. On a personal level, I would like to improve my yoga and perfect some new recipes in the kitchen.”

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Joanna Geraghty
What advice would Joanna give a young woman entering the workforce today? “I'd tell her that she could do anything. She shouldn't limit herself.”

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PT's Most Compelling Woman Sara Kearney
How much of PT's Most Compelling Woman's management style has been shaped by her gender? “I've never been a man, so I don't actually have a foundation for comparison,” Kearney teased.

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