The Coolest Thing to Happen to Me on an Airplane

  Find out the coolest things that have ever happened to our readers while on an airplane.


My first overseas trip was when I was 17 and I flew to Los Angeles and then Colorado on a family ski trip. It was New Year’s Eve and we passed three time zones. Sydney – New Zealand – LA so two New Years. Lots of celebration on the plane. I subsequently flew to NYC and started my modeling career. I was supposed to be gone six weeks. It was 30 years! My coolest memory was the CEO of British airways giving me his First Class seat on a long haul trip. I was eternally grateful.


When I was four years old, I flew with my parents and sister from Libya to Holland. I was given a coloring book and a little pair of wings that were metal – not like the cheap plastic one they hand out today – and I pinned it to my sweater. I remember being so proud of them. Ever since, I’ve loved flying because I’ve met a lot of people, had some great wine – especially on the European legs of journeys – and even slept in a pod on Emirates to Dubai.


My first flight was when I was 22 and returning to Massachusetts from Vanderbilt where I was a grad student in English. I still remember feeling as if I was sitting at the top of a very high mountain, and also, that I was finally a grown up. Coolest memory? The first can’t be put it print but the second coolest thing was meeting Serena Williams and we had the sweetest talk.


I was flying to Germany retracing the steps of Carlos, the famous terrorist for ABC News. Phones in the air were still relatively new in 1990. Placing a call, the office said to reroute right away because the Berlin wall is coming down. I got to Berlin in time to coordinate on-the-scene coverage for Primetime Live, one of the most memorable nights of my life.


My husband Paul and I were on our way back from a trip to Hawaii, and the first-class cabins (American Airlines, of course...I’m a million-miler) had those little iPads with movies on them. They were featuring “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2” which I’m in, and Paul and I kept rewinding and replaying the scene where my head gets violently ripped off and thrown on a fire. We were laughing like crazy (which I’m sure had nothing to do with the free drinks) and totally forgot that we were wearing Bose headphones. We had no idea how loud we were...we apologized to the other passengers afterwards.


My parents took me on a trip to Las Vegas from our home in Canada. They had gotten this deal where we could travel First Class on the airline. In those days, they weren’t called flight attendants but stewardesses. I remember how they filled my parents’ glasses to the top with champagne to show how smooth the flight was without any spilling. Now that was cool.


I had already flown to Europe, via Iceland on a turbo-prop plane, but my first jet flight was in 1971 to Denver. I was going to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I was reading “Lolita” and as we started to descend I got to the part where Humbert Humbert is approaching the Rockies, which Nabokov described so beautifully. I kept looking out the window, marveling at the coincidence of reaching that part of the book just as I was reaching that part of the planet. Made me think I was lucky.
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Author: Jill Brooke

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