Tech Talk - June/July 2014

  Take a look at the latest toys and tools to aid you in your travels.

Cameo TV - Free
Taking videos with a smartphone has become the easy and practical way to document a trip and, while the next Martin Scorsese may not be in the mix, many travelers have been making their directorial debuts by downloading Cameo TV to produce their masterpieces. This new mobile app records up to two minutes of video and offers an array of comprehensive editing tools to play with in “post-production.” It’s also linked to iCloud, so video clips don’t clog up your phone’s storage space—a definite perk for the prolific filmmaker in all of us. For iPhone. cameo.tv

NRGPAK, by OrigAudio - $29.99
Nothing is as frustrating as a dead smartphone battery, especially since it always seems to die at the most inconvenient of times. Important calls are missed, you can say goodbye to capturing that perfect Kodak moment... and wasn’t it your job to live-Tweet the conference? An external energy pack is the most obvious solution to prevent battery catastrophes. One of the most efficient (and price-friendly) options on the market is OrigAudio’s new NRGPAK, a premium lithium-polymer 2300 mAh battery that, once connected to any mobile device or tablet, instantly charges its target. Plus, the NRGPAK can charge a smartphone one and a half times before you need to find an electrical outlet again. origaudio.com

Apple CarPlay - TBA
After months of hype, Apple has officially partnered with more than a dozen automakers to bring CarPlay on the road this summer. The innovative iOS system includes some of Apple’s best features (maps, phone calls, text messaging), all installed in the vehicle’s built-in display, and silken-voiced Siri will help drivers keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. Road trips—and daily commutes, for that matter—will never be the same. apple.com

Converted, by Ideon - $2.99
No good with numbers? Try compounding that with jet lag, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster when shopping abroad. But with the new Ideon app called The Converted, users can easily calculate everything from distances to currencies (which are constantly updated) without going cross-eyed. Luckily, the app works offline, which means that you can use it while haggling at a bazaar in the middle of nowhere. For iPhone and iPad. ideon.co

Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag, by ECBC - $399.99
Expedited security lanes are more common than ever at airports, making checkpoint procedures seamless and breezy for the experienced traveler. One thing remains inconvenient, though: unloading and reloading the myriad tech gadgets that accompany us everywhere.

ECBC has streamlined the process by creating a piece of smartly designed luggage that organizes all of those carry-on necessities. The Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag has two dedicated sections for garments and a separate compartment to keep electronics like laptops and tablets easily accessible.

The coolest feature? There’s also an accompanying portable power pack, so you can recharge your devices right in the bag. Plus, the TSA-friendly luggage allows travelers to unzip the front flap so that the bag can be laid flat on a security conveyor belt with no need for unpacking. Now that’s more like it. ec-bc.com

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Author: Jimmy Im

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