Luxury Baby and Youth Hotel Packages with Hyatt

  Hyatt offers the royal treatment to your child at hotels around the world. To ease family travel, Hyatt has also included etiquette advice from Patricia Rossi on incidents like ‘how to avoid dining disasters,’ ‘meltdowns on the road’ and more.

With all the baby talk this past week over the arrival of HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, we can’t help but get excited for travel offers for even the youngest (newest) members of the family. If you are looking for a family-friendly package that doesn’t lack in luxury, then Hyatt might have the perfect solution to treat not only you, but every one of your family members like royalty.

Hyatt is offering a number of special luxury baby and youth hotel packages. Here are six to get you started on your travel plans, along with some pointers from etiquette expert, Patricia Rossi, author of Everyday Etiquette, to keep your precocious princes and princesses preoccupied.

1. Hyatt Regency Warsaw is offering the VIB (Very Important Baby) Package. Here, children and babies will be spoiled with with amenities such as a crib or bed, a toy bear and personal care amenities including shampoo, oil, powder, baby bathtub, potty and more.

Tip From Patricia: Before you hit the road, practice dining skills at home while you’re having dinner. Make it fun by saying “when we’re traveling and eating out, it's best to use our library voice.” Act silly and role play how to act. Ask your children why this is important. They will give you the best answers, answers even you might not have considered. Each night the child with the best answer or idea about eating out gets a gold star, doesn't have to clean the dishes or gets to stay up 10 minutes later, etc. This game should be brief, so they look forward to it the next night.

2Andaz Liverpool Street is offering the Travel in Style Package. Here guests from 0–6 years will be greeted with a soft toy, special toiletries, a children’s bathrobe and slippers. Children 6–8 years of age will find soft toys, puzzles, London maps with stickers, children’s bathrobes and slippers in their rooms upon arrival.

Tip From Patricia: If they do make a scene during dinner, be discreet, mouthing a nonverbal “I’m sorry” to the people around you, while moving your child to a private location. Take your child by the hand and walk to a bathroom, lobby or a private place and say, “We’ll just sit here until we remember our dining manners. I know you can do it; let me know when you ‘re ready to go back to the table.”

3Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach will make your whole family feel like celebrities with private, climate-controlled, poolside cabanas available for full- or half-day rental. These cabanas offer close proximity to both the infinity pool and the gated baby pool and are entirely indoors, climate-controlled and complete with a private restroom and living area. Each cabana is fully equipped with a flat-screen TV, wireless Internet and call button service for ordering snacks and beverages. Parents can also enjoy a much-needed massage in the comfort of their cabana.

Tip From Patricia: During the big trip, choose your own adventure. Make the trip fun for them, whether traveling by plane, train or car by allowing them to choose the entertainment. For instance, let them pick several movies or video games. The movies are lifesavers in case there is a traffic jam or flight delay, and it's a fun way to start a trip. Most hotels have DVD players, so the movies can be viewed again if there is a rainy day on vacation.

4. Grand Hyatt Muscat will pamper babies with an array of amenities upon arrival, including gentle body wash, mild hair shampoo and a loveable duck hand puppet created by Gunter Guest Supplies.

Tip From Patricia: Give them a camera or journal to chronicle their trip. There are affordable interactive photo services that allow you to create fun, color hard-bound books. It's easy, and your children will love designing it to share with teachers and fellow students back at school. It’s also a great visual for answering, "What did you do this summer"?

5. Grand Hyatt Berlin is offering the LALA Berlin Package. Here, young guests will be offered amenities that include a buggy and baby car seats by CYBEX, designed by renowned Berlin-based fashion designer Leyla Piedayesh and her label “LALA Berlin.”

Tip From Patricia: Travel during their favorite time. Does your child love to sleep in the car? Put them in their favorite pair of PJs and start your trip in the early evening.

6. Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de La Mediterranee offers the whole family bathrobes, slippers and luxurious toiletries. As a memento from their stay, children ages 7–10 will take home a keychain, and children ages 7 and under will receive a soft toy.

Tip From Patricia: Award good behavior. Wrap a few dollar-store gifts and let them unwrap them for every 45 to 60 minutes of good behavior during the trip. Call it something fun like “The Prince or Princess Travel Award.” You can also give prizes like a voucher for an extra nap for “The Grumpy Traveler.” Keep it fun by asking your children what type of awards they think should be given.

Keep in mind, these are only a few suggestions; Hyatt also offers children summer camps and a special For the Kids by Kids Menu.

Hopefully this will christen your royal getaway, and congratulations to Kate and Will on their fantastic news!

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Author: Salli Garrigan

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