Lowest Numbers for Flight Cancelations and Lost Luggage in Decades

  The year 2016 was a good year to be an air passenger in the US domestic market. There were the fewest canceled flights and lowest number of lost baggage in decades last year according to the government.

Credit: US Government

The US Bureau of Transportation Statistics has released their report on the numbers involving commercial airlines and the transporting of passengers in 2016.

For the year 2016 only 1.17% of all domestic flights reported by commercial air carriers were canceled for one reason or another. This is the lowest percentage of cancelation in the past 22 years.

It was also a record low for the number of mishandled items of luggage by commercial airlines for the year with the mark being 0.0027% or only 2.7 items per 1,000 that were checked in by passengers with an airline. Since tracking this statistic began back in 1987, no year had seen a number below 0.003%. In 2012 the number was 0.00309% and was the previous low.

Another statistic that many passengers can appreciate is that 2016 saw the lowest bump rate since 1995. The rate was 0.000062% or 6.2 passengers out of every 100,000 were denied entry to an aircraft because the airlines overbooked the flight.

Another drop was in the number of animal deaths for the year. In 2016 there were only 48 animal deaths or injuries on aircraft. This was a decrease of 24% over 2015 which had 63 incidents.

The one statistic that rose was the number of complaints filed by passengers claiming they were discriminated against by an airline. The number of complaints filed rose 44.6% from 65 in 2015 to reach 94 for the year 2016. These complaints include discrimination claims due to religion, ethic origin, country of origin and sexual orientation.

Most passengers appreciate the better numbers in the above categories, but an improvement on the discrimination claims should also be reduced. It is true some of the claims are false, but for the legitimate ones, it is a disgrace that anyone be refused service for what they are instead of who they are.

Sources: US Gov, LA Times, Air Transport News

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Author: Douglas Gray

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