Fewer flights to the US from Dubai

  Emirates have decided to make fewer flights to the US due to a decrease in demand for their services from people in the Middle East. 5 US cities across the nation will be affected by the reduction.

Credit: Emirates

For anyone informed about the facts, the laughing of the Big Three for the reduction in flights and Emirates calling themselves an airlines for profit, know the big three are the ones being laughed at for trying to pull the wool over everyone eyes.

It is true that Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways are subsidized by their nations to help cover the daily operational costs of flying the aircraft and keeping them competitive in the commercial airlines business. Emirates stand on their own two feet and operate at a profit without funding from their government.  

All this came about because Emirates has recently announced a reduction in the number of flights to the US. Their reason is a decrease in demand for travel to America due to the ban on personnel electronic devices passengers can carry with them on their flights.

The flights that will see a reduction in frequency are the routes that originate in Dubai and head to Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. These flights will be reduced from two daily flights to only one.

The daily flights to both Fort Lauderdale and Orlando out of Dubai will also experience a reduction. These daily flights are being reduced to only five flights per week.

The first to see these changes on the schedule is the Fort Lauderdale flight on May 1st. The Orlando flight reduction goes into effect on May 23rd.

Boston and Seattle flights will be reduced to once a day in June and the Los Angeles flight will be only once a day in July of this year.

The lobbing group of Partnership for Open and Fair Skies represents the Big 3 in their complaint against the Gulf Carriers. The misleading statements from this group are an embarrassment to Americans. American, Delta and United Airlines should concentrate on the service they provide the air traveling public instead of concentrating on having the competition shut down by the US government. I guess that is what the American business culture has become, profits above all with paying passengers as just numbers in a chart.

Sources: China Aviation Daily, NY Post, One Mile at a Time

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Posted On: 21 April 2017    Print    Email
Author: Douglas Gray

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