Code of Conduct Published for Tourist to Vietnam

  Over the past year there have been some unfortunate incidents involving tourists from China. These events have caused the government of Vietnam to begin printing and issuing a Code of Conduct they suggest all tourists to their nation follow.

Credit: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

To help tourist to Vietnam enjoy their stay to the greater extent the Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued a written code of conduct. These pamphlets are for both domestic and international tourists as guides to help them blend in with the culture they just entered.

The reason the Vietnamese government has created and distributed the new Code of Conduct to tourists is to help avoid any problems and violations of local customs and beliefs strangers to this Southeast Asian nation might experience on their trip there.

Last year this same approach was taken to help tourist enjoy Vietnam better, but the publications were from local cities and only in Chinese and Korean languages. This new effort now covers the entire country.

The languages the Code of Conduct is printed in include Chinese, English, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese. There are nearly 100,000 copies already distributed. Locations tourist can get a free copy include tour agents, hotels, Vietnamese tourist information centers, embassies along with the many of the international airports.

The pamphlet contains 8 simple dos and don’ts for tourist to follow while in Vietnam. Most of them are basic common sense that includes tourist being reminded to obey all local laws and regulations along with standing in line and waiting their turn. 

Other items listed include for tourist to follow are do not litter, not to take illegal substances or commit vandalism. It also asks that the elderly, women and children of the nation be respected.

There is also a dress code for visitors to temples in the country. This is simply do not wear casual clothing like t-shirts and jeans with holes in them. They ask tourists to show respect at their holy places.

While not part of the official Code of Conduct there are other items the government wishes tourist to follow in terms of local customs. The biggest one is not to waste food of beverages. There are many in this nation and around the world that do not have enough clean water to drink or food to eat.

The publication is easy to read and follow and is just common sense. By showing respect in general tourists will not have a problem while visiting Vietnam or any other country in the world.

Sources: Manila Bulletin, Vietnam Tourism, DTI News, City Pass Guide

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Author: Douglas Gray

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