Bow to the Quivver

  We test-drive a Quivver, and it leaves us quivering with delight at the chance to eschew the detestable fanny pack. Bull’s eye!


Throughout history, archers have possessed a certain panache. With their quivers slung across their bodies, there always seemed to be a gracefulness about their carriage. Thanks to the popularity of The Lord of the Rings (in which Legolas the Elf is an archer of renown) and The Hunger Games (wherein the young Katniss lays claim to a natural talent for archery), the public’s fondness for the sport of archery has increased exponentially.

Recently, whilst hunting in the forest of the Internet, we came across a product reminiscent of the quiver of old: the Quivver, a modern-day tool for toting everyday necessities.

When fanny packs first came out, they were popular for many reasons, and we must concede a definite preference for not having to carry a bag everywhere or being forced to sit crookedly on overstuffed wallets bulging in our back pockets. But the design was always irksome, because that cut-off-in-the-middle-of-the-body thing was sure to do one thing extremely well—ruin the line of almost anything pulled out of a well-dressed closet. Once filled with a phone, a wallet, some keys, etc., fanny packs had a knack for making their wearers look like overdue pregnant orangutans—especially during the wintertime, when coats had to be fastened over the whole package. Attractive. Not.

But the discovery of Quivvers made us wonder: Had someone at last designed an update to the detestable fanny pack? We were hopeful. That someone turned out to be Amy Barnum, an erstwhile brand strategist and new-product developer out on her own and making some noise in cyberspace.

“The thrill of filling a need and solving problems with creativity inspires me the most,” Barnum said. “I definitely subscribe to the ‘MacGyver’ way of life—inventing something out of random parts, rigging it, adapting it or finding a new use for something old.”

We grew more intrigued. On the website, the cross-body design of the Quivvers looked like it just might put an end to our pet peeve, that detestable fanny-pack scrunch-in-the-middle-of-the-body that causes excessive waistline bulge.

“Watching people struggle with their things, I realized that everyone needs a better option for carrying modern necessities like money, mobile phones, credit cards and ID while on the go,” Barnum continued. “It bothered me to see people bogged down by their things and not participating in life. I went to work, and Quivvers was born!”

Bogged down—that was the clincher. In no time at all, we were contriving to get our hands on a Quivver, determined to check it out in the physical realm.

Designed to lie flat against the body, Quivvers come in an array of reversible solid colors and patterns, all sturdily created in waterproof rip-stop denier nylon, with one style offering a see-through pocket. There are two sizes available, and each Quivver also boasts an adjustable back rigging, so you can fit it more snugly for active pursuits or loosen it when you want to wear it over a coat, for instance. Added benefit: Wearing the Quivver under a coat produced no ugly lump effect!

One of the elements we appreciated was the ingenious triangle that holds the piece together—it’s made out of pliable silicon, rather than metal or plastic, so it’s comfortable to wear. Every Quivver comes with an “S’biner,” which clips on the triangle and makes carrying keys, water bottles and other paraphernalia a cinch.

We chose the style with the see-through pocket, and it solved another modern-day issue: One of the most bothersome things about cell-phone addiction (admit it, you’ve got it, too) is carrying the darn thing around with you. Oh, there are choices—but they’re all inconvenient: You can carry it in a pocket and accidentally pocket-dial South America; you can toss it in a bag and not get to it before a call heads off to voicemail-land; you can carry it in your hand and leave it on aisle three in the grocery; or you can attach it to a belt and create a lovely waistline bulge (see rant against fanny packs, above). Hateful. But the Quivvers see-through pocket fixed the problem perfectly: By merely glancing down at the nagging ringer to see who was calling, we could choose to silence the ring or hit “answer” and quickly unzip the pocket to take the call.

The clear pocket worked very well with every single touch screen we tried, even the most recalcitrant, without us having to remove the phone or MP3 player from the pocket. And by wearing the clear pocket on the outside, there were two pockets on the inside—the perfect place to tuck I.D. and money.

Barnum radiates an obvious pride in her invention, which is made entirely in the U.S.: “I want Quivvers to be a gear company that promises quality and innovation with a spirit of making positive choices for the world. We continue to manufacture our product just down the road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have enjoyed every minute of helping people get out and be active,” she said, adding: “It’s a movement more than a product.”

We think Quivvers do, indeed, hit the bull’s eye. For travel, for trips to the gym or just for running errands, Quivvers offer comfort and convenience and win the battle of the mid-body fanny-pack bulge. Plus, there’s a bit of an added bonus: With a Quivver slung across your body, you’ll be harkening back to the graceful style of the romantic archer. Legolas and Katniss would definitely approve.

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Posted On: 14 November 2013    Print    Email
Author: Shân Willis

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